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Friday, May 17, 2024  

Preoteasa Juliana Marinescu fell asleep in the Lord on St. George Day (April 23, 2018) and was buried in a private ceremony. She is survived by daughters Rodica and Monica, their respective spouses Aristotle and John, and their children.

She was born 85 years ago in Banat, Romania to a deeply religious family. She had a happy childhood. She attended Liceul de Fete "Carmen Sylva" in Timisoara where she received a strict education, that included religion.

This disciplined life prepared her for later, when she married Mircea Marinescu, a graduate of the Institutul Teologic Universitar din Sibiu . She became Preoteasa, as her husband was ordained in to the Diaconate and Priesthood at the Cathedral Church in Timisoara. Fr. Mircea eventually was promoted to Dean at that Cathedral.

In the 1960s, when they immigrated to the United States, Fr. Mircea served at various parishes in OH, and at St. Paul, MN. He was instrumental in building the church at Merrillville, IN and the parish house in Woonsocket, RI where he also served. And, Fr. Mircea served at the Elkins Park, PA church for 22 years until before his passing.

Fr. Mircea and P-asa Juliana were a great team. She was a proper lady and an exemplary Preoteasa, supportive of her husband, family, and church.

During the week, P-asa Juliana, held a full-time job to help support the family, educate their daughters, and to provide the family health insurance. On weekends, she helped the Ladies' Auxiliary in the hall kitchen.

She did not ask for anything, interfere, or complain.

P-sa Juliana always looked for a good cause to "include everyone" and to "promote our traditions."

• She taught the church children the "real old Romanian folk dances" (like "caluseri" with tiny bell on their "opincute").

• At the Elkins Park, PA church, she started the Sunday Agapa "Coffee Hour" that evolved into a tradition.

• On Christmas and Easter, she hosted "open houses" at the parish house, most especially for those who had no one during the holidays. As these events grew into a tradition, they were moved to the big church hall to include the entire congregation.

She took joy in seeing people happy. The entire family took "time off" to enthusiastically prepare for events. She was a gourmet cook and excellent baker. And, she donated everything she made.

• She gladly hosted all of Fr. Mircea's Deanery meetings at the parish house.

The entire family took pride maintaining in order the interior of the church and the parish house and their grounds throughout every season, and were avid gardeners.

P-asa Juliana and Fr. Mircea were strict and loving parents to their two daughters, and grandparents to Nina, Martin, and Roger. They dedicated their lives to family and church. P-asa Juliana and Fr. Mircea instilled in all of them a strong sense of "faith, achievement, purpose, duty, public service, and voluntarism." And, the family honors them by continuing their legacy in their personal and professional lives, as well.

Rest in peace. Eternal memory!

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